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Automotive MCUs

With up to 20 CAN FD interfaces

ST Microelectronics launched the scalable Stellar SR6 P and SR6 G micro-controller unit (MCU) series for modern road-car projects.

Stellar SR6 MCUs address safety critical applications up to ISO 26262 ASIL-D (Source: ST Microelectronics)

The MCUs, targeting production in 2024, are suited to domain and zone controllers that simplify vehicle wiring, enable migration to software-defined platforms, and increase system reliability, said the company. The hardware-based virtualization enables running of multiple independent applications on one physical MCU. Based on six Arm Cortex-R52 cores, the units address safety critical applications up to ISO 26262 ASIL-D (automotive safety integrity level). Over-the-air (OTA) reprogramming with sizeable memory savings is possible.

Stellar SR6 P series is designed for drivetrain and electrification systems, delivering real-time performance and determinism. Beside others, the units provide eleven CAN and one time-triggered CAN (TTCAN) interfaces. CAN FD compliant with ISO 11898:2016 is supported. Stellar SR6 G series features accelerators for secure data routing via CAN, LIN, and Ethernet networks. The low-power modes support low quiescent currents and a monitoring sub-system. 19 CAN and one TTCAN interfaces support CAN FD. Further, the MCUs include three Arm Cortex-M4 cores with a floating-point arithmetic unit and DSP (digital signal processing) extensions. A hardware security module protects connectivity to in-vehicle networks (CAN FD, LIN, Ethernet). Dedicated encryption accelerators for Macsec (media access control security protocol), IPsec (IP security protocol suite), and CAN authentication are available.

Recently, ST Microelectronics announced its collaboration with Arrival, a global company creating electric vehicles (EVs). The goal is to provide semiconductor technologies and products including secure automotive micro-controllers for Arrival’s modular ECU (electronic control unit) platform, as well as power- and battery-management components for vehicle electrification.


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