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Industrial micro-controllers and development tools

Infineon Technologies (Germany) provides the 32-bit XMC4500 industrial micro-controllers using the Cortex M4 processor from ARM. Complementing the product with three CAN ports are different development tools.

THE MICRO-CONTOLLER SERIES IS SUITED FOR USE in electric drives, solar inverters and the automation of manufacturing and buildings. XMC stands for “Cross-market micro-controllers”. The series currently comprises several products differing in terms of temperature range (+85 °C or +125 °C), Flash memory size (512 KiB to 1 MiB) and package (LQFP-100, LQFP-144 and LFBGA-144). The micro-controllers provide a 120-MHz CPU and 160 KiB of RAM. The peripherals include four parallel 12-bit A/D converter modules, two 12-bit D/A converters, four delta sigma demodulator modules and six capture/compare units (CCU4 and CCU8).
Added to this are two positioning interface modules, a touch button and an LED matrix control module. Communication functions comprise interfaces for Ethernet, USB, and SD/MMC. Three CAN nodes, six serial communication channels and one external bus interface are provided as well. Depending on CPU frequency, temperature range and package selected, the unit price for a XMC4500 micro-controller ranges between 3,90 € and 5,50 € (for 10k orders).

In addition to the free Dave 3 development environment, tools including compilers, debuggers, software analysis and Flash programming are available. Additionally to code generation based on Dave apps, the development environment features a GNU compiler, a debugger and data visualization tools. A modular design kit is also available. Up to three additional application boards – for communication with other systems, for actuators and sensors, and for human-machine interface (HMI) functions – may be connected to the basic design board, depending on the respective application requirements.

The basic and the enterprise hexagon application kits designed to evaluate the XMC4500 micro-controllers (MCUs) are also available by Mouser Electronics (Germany). The kits come with an general purpose CPU board that houses the MCU and three satellite connectors for application expansion. The enterprise kit includes a J-Link Lite CortexM debugger.

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