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Contactless measurement

The linear absolute displacement transducer LMP48 from TR-Electronic (Germany) provides contactless and wear-free measurement of linear movements. A CAN interface is provided.

Photo: TR-Electronic)

THE PRODUCT ALLOWS MEASURING LENGTHS between 0,3 m and 3 m, with a resolution of 5/100 mm, and linearity from 0,01 % of the full scale. Its interfaces such CAN, SSI, and analog make the sensor suitable for a range of application. The IP67-rated product is resistant to vibrations and temperature fluctuations. A selection of magnets and magnet slides is available.

The sensor undertakes general positioning tasks in mechanical engineering, plastic injection machines, and feed and setting axes. According to the company, it can be used as an efficient and wear-free alternative to existing measurement sensors, such as potentiometers. Because of the linear absolute measurement after a power failure, no initialization of the machines is required.

The design allows use even under limited space conditions. The profile housing with its clamp-on design allows mounting. The measurement profile can be adjusted to a variety of mounting situations by means of spacers. The device base can be mounted via clamping claws or on the rear side with slot nuts. The product can be connected via M12 standard plugs.

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