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Accuracy for construction machinery

Siko (Germany) has expanded its inclinometer product range with the IK360L inclinometer, which incorporates a sensor with system accuracy to within +/- 0,5° and a resolution of 0,01°.

The inclinometer complies with CiA 410 (Photo: Siko)

THE IK360L IS CONTRUCTED IDENTICALLY to the existing Siko IK360 inclinometer: a black, glass-fiber reinforced PBT housing, and a three-point assembly method for installation. The IP protection classes IP67/IP68 and IP69K allow extended immersion of the sensor in water and cleaning, even with a high-pressure steam jet (e.g. for road vehicles). The tilt or angular position is detected on an absolute basis, meaning that no recalibration of the actual position is required when the supply voltage is interrupted. The product is available as a single-axis version (0° to 360°) or dual-axis version (+/- 80°) and its working temperature is -40 °C to 85 °C. In the mobile automation sector in particular, it is becoming increasingly important to measure tilts as a means of protecting against the risk of construction machinery tipping over and to detect the angle of booms and swivel arms.

The inclinometer complies with CiA 410 (Photo: Siko)

The unit can be programmed via the CANopen interface. CANopen works here as a client-server model. The IK360L CANopen inclinometer corresponds to the CANopen device profile for inclinometers (CiA 410), in which the characteristics of inclinometers with a CANopen interface are defined. The product also provides a teach-in function for a direct on-site zero-point setting or change in rotation direction.

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