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UHF read/write device

Suitable for forklifts

Sick (Germany) offers the RFU 620 device with CANopen connectivity. This makes the compact transponder suitable for connections to the in-vehicle networks of forklifts and other lifting equipment.

The RFU 620 works within the range of 860 MHz to 960 MHz (Photo: Sick)

THE RFU 620 COMPLETES SICK'S UHF PORTFOLIO by a read/write device for medium ranges and cramped installation situations. Several filter functions enable identification solutions in lifting applications. Just as its big brother, the RFU 630, the RFU 620 works within the frequency range of 860 MHz to 960 MHz. However, in contrast to the former it is optimized for applications in which UHF transponders meeting the worldwide ISO/IEC standards must be identified reliably at medium range and at close spatial proximity to each other. The Sopas user interface supports integration and configuration tools.

The UHF device is used, among other things, in automobile manufacturing as well as in intra-logistics for identification of containers and storage space. In particular, the compact design benefits employment on forklift trucks, since one can place it in a space-saving way between the lifting forks.

The transponder offers the possibility of adjusting sender power up to a range of one meter, thus adapting to the respective reading situation. The antenna of the RFU620 generates a homogenous and symmetrical communication field in which the individual transponder can be read out and described specifically. Using the “adaptive power control,” the device can independently increase sender power to the point at which a transponder is read, ruling out simultaneous detection of several transponders. Other filter functions focus communication on transponders with specific data structures or exclude multiple detections of the same transponder within a definable time interval. According to the manufacturer this guarantees reliable data transmission behavior, both in read and write cycles.

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