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Electronic position indicator

Backlit LCD display improves readability

The electronic position indicator AP10 from Siko (Germany) is serial-network-capable and used as the core of a monitored format adjustment. The product features CANopen and an inverted backlit LCD display.

(Photo: Siko)

ITS ABILITY TO INDICATE TO THE MACHINE OPERATOR the nominal value and current value on the adjusting spindle increases the setter’s comfort level. This makes retooling a production machine for a new product possible. At the same time, feedback about the position status to the machine control system results in process reliability when changing formats and also optimizes set-up times. Incorrect settings can be prevented, avoiding waste and tool damage.

The network-capable device is optionally available with an RS485 or a CANopen interface.
It can also be integrated into different serial and Ethernet networks via an additional interface converter.

The indicator is the first of the second generation of devices. The objective of this monitored format adjustment is to increase user guidance and thereby provide process reliability.
A feature of the product is the inverted backlit LCD display. Backlighting ensures that the position values are still readable even in hard to see places or in poor ambient lighting. The LCD features a two-line, six-digit, 14-segment display. The 14-segment display also allows a representation of alphanumeric characters to configure, commission, and troubleshoot.

In addition to the direction of rotation arrows on the LCD display, the indicator also provides clear visual user guidance via two two-color status LEDs. These indicate not only the positioning status, but also show the required direction of rotation to reach the target. Like the previous AP04 model, the AP10 also provides loop positioning to compensate for mechanical spindle play.

The product is designed with a hollow shaft to make assembly to common adjustment axes easier. With regard to size and distance of the torque arm, attachment compatibility with the so-called Siko counter DA09S is provided. This means it is possible to switch from manual hand adjustment with a mechanical position indicator to monitored format adjustment with the AP10 without changing the machine frame. Due to the IP65-rated protection class and a hollow shaft made of stainless steel, the device is suitable for applications in the food industry, beverage production, or for the pharmaceutical industry.

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