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Absolute encoder

Support of CANopen Lift and Devicenet

The Italian company Lika Electronic offers a series of absolute encoders: the A- and the H- series. The encoders of both series support CANopen or CANopen Lift protocols, but the encoders of the H-series also support Devicenet.

The AS58 EasyCAN encoder has IP67 (Photo: Lika)

THE ENCODERS OF THE A-SERIES (Ax58, Ax58S, and AxC58 EasyCAN) are available as single and multi-turn encoders and offer a resolution of 18 bits or 30 bits, point-to-point connection, and they are resistant against magnetic fields. As interfaces, either CANopen CiA 301 and CiA 406, or CANopen CiA 301 and CANopen Lift CiA 417 are available. The encoders offer the following programmable parameters: bit-rate, node ID, scaling function, counting direction, preset value, two software limit switches, the transmission modes cyclic and sync, velocity output, and round loop function. The encoders offer IP67 protection class, and IP65 for the shaft side.

The AS58 EasyCAN encoder has IP67 (Photo: Lika)

The H-series encoders (Hx58 FB, Hx58S FB, and HxC58 FB) are also available with single-turn and multi-turn resolution. They offer the same choice of CANopen protocols, and additionally Devicenet and Profibus-DP. They also offer protection class IP65. For this series, the programmable parameters are dependent on each serial network.

For both series, the single turn versions offer a resolution of 262144 cpr and the multi-turn versions 65536 cpr x 16384 turns. Bus termination is available via Dip-swiches. The devices can withstand shock up to 100 g for 6 ms, vibrations of 10 g and 5 to 2000 Hz at an operating temperature of -25 °C to 85 °C. The encoders are available with a shaft diameter between 6 mm and 12 mm and can manage a shaft rotational speed of 6000 rpm. The shaft is made of stainless, non-magnetic steel. The encoders have an accuracy of +/- 0,007°.

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HxC58 FB, Hx58S FB

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