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Voltage monitor

Multi-channel device for fuel cells and battery stacks

Pewatron (Germany) offers the CMVpro family of voltage monitoring devices developed by Smart Electronic Development (Germany). The units are suitable for fuel cells, batteries, and electrolyzers.

60- and 90-channel cell voltage monitoring units are available (Photo: Smart)

The CMVpro real-time cell-voltage monitoring modules are intended for the multi-channel voltage measurement of cascaded voltage sources. A single unit can measure up to 60 single cells or 120 double cells (CVMpro60-R3) or up to 90 single cells or 180 double cells (CVMpro90-R3). For higher numbers of cells, up to 31 units can be cascaded by using a separate CAN network, thus providing up to 2790 channels.

The input channels are sequentially sampled, converted into 12-bit values, and transmitted via CAN. There is no result memory within the unit. The module works stand-alone. It can be configured via CAN.
The configuration data is stored non-volatile (with the exception of limit values). Dedicated software packages are available for controlling the unit via programs (C, C++, Labview) or by means of a graphical user interface.

The measurement of single cells (±1,2 V) or double cells (±2,4 V) is possible as well, as are measurements of single battery cells with voltages up to 4,8 V. The unit calculates the total stack voltage and compares it with two thresholds. In case of violations of the thresholds, it generates alarms in real-time. It is also possible to mask individual cells (e.g. for removal of known defect cells).

One internal CAN network and one external CAN network are part of the unit. Device configurations as well as condensed measurement results are transmitted via CAN. The company also provides PC interface boards with CAN connectivity. The default bit-rate is 500 kbit/s, but can be set to other rates as well. Data frames with 29-bit IDs are used.

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