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Force transducer

Measuring wheel moments on vehicles

Michigan Scientific (USA) offers a six-axis wheel force transducer. It measures three forces and three moments. The related CT2 transducer interface box provides a CAN interface.

The CT2 interface box can be connected to LW12.8 wheel force transducers (Photo: Michigan Scientific)

THE CT2 TRANSDUCER INTERFACE BOX performs real-time coordinate transformation and cross-talk compensation. The results are available via the provided CAN interface. An embedded web page allows the user to configure the system. This includes changing set-up options, creating .dbc files, and viewing the transducer static results.

The attached wheel force transducers are capable of measuring all of the wheel forces and moments on passenger cars and light duty trucks. They provide independent output signals for vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces as well as camber, steer, and torque moments. Being weatherproof, they are suitable for on-road and off-road measurements. They can also be used to monitor and to control laboratory tests.

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