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Q&A with Kuebler

Questions to encoder specialists

Arnold Hettich answered our questions about Kuebler’s encoder range. The company has introduced the first safety-related encoders.

Arnold Hettich is product manager for position sensors at Kuebler (Photo: Kuebler)

Q: What are the trade-offs of magnetic encoders compared with optical ones?

A: The tow major trade-offs are the sensitivity to strong magnetic fields like you find in electrical breaks on motors. The absolute accuracy of magnetic sensors is typically ±1°; for optical sensors we have ±0,015°. This means that high precision motion control and motor feedback are the domain of optical encoders.

Q: Which versions of CiA 406 and which classes do you support?

A: The Kuebler encoders support the Encoder Profile CiA 406 version 4.0, class 1, class 2, and class 3. Among others we support speed (scalable), acceleration, 19-bit high resolution position, variable PDO mapping of four PDOs, two working states, preset, error behavior, startup in operational mode, and event mode (each position change will be transmitted). The encoders also support a Universal Scaling Function. At the end of the physical resolution of an encoder, when scaling is active, an error appears if the division of the physical limit (GP_U) by the programmed total resolution (TMR) does not produce an integer. The Universal Scaling Function remedies this problem.

Q: Which encoder applications do you address?

A: Kuebler offers magnetic and optical encoders – we use the optimal technology for the different applications. The core industries of Kuebler are: drive, lift, mobile automation, cranes, steel, packaging, solar, and wind energy.

Arnold Hettich is product manager for position sensors at Kuebler (Photo: Kuebler)

Q: Do you provide already functional safe encoders? Are they compliant with CiA 406 version 4.0?

A: Yes we do have a large range of functional safety encoder. We have no compliant CAN Safety encoder, yet. But this is definitely on our roadmap.

Q: Which new encoder products will be launched in the near future?

A: For the SPS show we will launch a new generation of compact CAN multiturn encoders completing our already large range of CAN encoders. Kuebler will then have 10 families of CAN encoders with optical and magnetic technologies and three different multiturn technologies. We will reveal more at the show in November.

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