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Angle sensor

Touchless, magnetic, and with CANopen

Novotechnik’s Vert-X 32E series of touch-less magnetic angle sensors use a permanent magnet attached to a rotating shaft to measure angles. As the shaft turns, the sensor detects and measures the changing position of the magnet.

(Photo: Novotechnik)

THERE IS NO MECHANICAL CONNECTION between the shaft and the sensor and therefore no wear. The sensors come with CANopen communication according to CiA 301. The CANopen conformance has been certified by CiA. The device profile is the CiA 406 CANopen Encoder profile. The sensors’ default bit-rate is 125 kbit/s.

A single and a redundant version are available. The sensors are programmable, offer a 0° to 360° measurement range, and a 8-V to 35-V supply range. It series has a 16-bit resolution, repeatability of 0,1° or better, and 135 years MTBF (mean time between failures) according to the German manufacturer. The sensors come with an IP68 protection class and an operating and storage temperature of -40 °C to 85 °C.

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