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Sensing ±30 degrees in pitch and roll axis

The OIAC2 tilt sensor by Optoi (Italy) provides CANopen connectivity. It features an accuracy of ±0,5 degrees.

The two-axis inclinometer is based on a MEMS sensor element (Photo: Optoi)

THE LAUNCHED PRODUCT IS ABLE TO SAMPLE 550 measurements per second. The device detects mathematically the tilt angles, based on all sensed accelerations (gravity) applied to the inclinometer along the X and Y axis. The signals are then filtered using an analog second order low-pass filter with cut-off frequency of 20 Hz (fixed filter) and a user-programmable digital filter (variable filter).

The sum of these filters produces a formidable noise rejection (to vibrations for example) on the measured angles. The digital filter is a moving average filter, which is programmable from 1 to 1000 samples. The noise is reduced increasing the number of samples on which the signal is averaged and also the measured angle is less sensible to the vibration. However a larger number of samples coincide with a longer response time.

The CANopen interface complies with CiA 301 version 4.02. The tilt sensor uses a manufacturer-specific profile providing in the first PDO the measurements of the one-axis mode. The second PDO contains the inclination values of the two-axis mode. The third pre-defined PDO is not implemented. The forth PDO indicates the internal temperature and shows some additional diagnostic information. The device supports all bit-rates specified by CANopen. The default bit-rate is 250 kbit/s. The product supports Heartbeat functionality as well as all other mandatory CANopen services. The sensor is not equipped with a termination resistor.

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