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Linear sensor

Three interfaces provided

The LMR 48 linear sensors from TR-Electronic (Germany) are for direct installation in hydraulic cylinders. They come with three interfaces including CANopen.

CANopen, Analog and SSI interfaces are provided (Photo: TR-Electronic)

THE SENSORS COME WITH THREE INTERFACES, CANopen, Analog (current/voltage) and with a Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI). The Analog and CAN interfaces serve applications in mobile hydraulics while the SSI interface opens the way to industrial applications. Like all TR magnetostrictive measuring systems, the LMR 48 linear sensors are non-contacting and wear-free. The moving part is a passive magnet, which does not require a trailing cable.

The casing duct is pressure-resistant and is installed directly in the cylinder, the standardized geometry of the measuring system head seals the cylinder. Due to the design, the measuring system can also be used in cases where the cylinder is fixed with a rod eye. The sensor is completely integrated into the cylinder, and is thus also protected from harsh environmental conditions. Measuring range up to 2000 mm and resolution of 0,1 mm.

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