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Industrial amplifier

Programmable in IEC 61131-3 languages

The PMX industrial measuring amplifier by HBM (Germany) is now programmable in IEC 61131-3 languages. The product comes with an optional CANopen interface.

The CANopen connectable PMX amplifier is optionally equipped with a Codesys runtime system (Photo: HBM)

THE WGX001 PROGRAMMABLE BASE UNIT includes a Codesys (version 3) runtime license (IEC 61131). The PMX user programs the unit by means of Codesys development suite. The optional CANopen interface allows the communication with other HBM products as well as third-party devices. The development suite supports the integration of CANopen products including configuration of motion controllers and human machine interfaces. It is also suitable for generating plug-ins. The CANopen unit complies with the CiA 404 profile, which supports TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheets) as defined by IEEE 1451.

Recently, the PX460 plug-in measurement card was introduced. It enables measurements of frequency, pulse, speed, angle of rotation and torque.
Torque transducers can now be integrated in the PMX industrial amplifier system. It can acquire up to four torque transducers simultaneously with a measuring bandwidth of up to 6 kHz. In addition to torque, encoder signals of up to 2 MHz can be acquired with absolute precision.

According to the provider, the PMX measurement system is child's play due to the interaction between APM technology (Advanced Plug & Measure) and TEDS. Connected transducers are automatically recognized, complicated settings are not required and the actual measurement task can be started immediately. The benefits for the user are time saving, higher system stability and the avoidance of sources of errors.

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