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Rotary encoder

For ultra-heavy-duty applications

Contelec’s (Switzerland) Vert-X 88 rotary encoder uses a contactless measuring method. It is available with CANopen and it is made for adverse ambient conditions.

(Photo: Contelec)

WASTE-DISPOSAL VEHICLES AND INDUSTRIAL WASTE presses depend on the exact measurement and control of angular positions of lifting and compacting equipment, no matter if front, side or rear loaders are used. The Vert-X 88 rotary encoder was developed specifically for ultra-heavy-duty applications. It is based on the contactless measuring MH-C and MH-C2 technology and sets a benchmark with its 88 mm outside diameter, IP68 and IP69K protection class, and its rugged architecture. The sealed aluminum housing enables applications under adverse ambient conditions, for example humidity, dampness, dust, and vibrations.

The rotary encoder uses CANopen communication according to CiA 301 and device profile CiA 406. It is available with single or redundant CAN technology. The CANopen conformance was certified by CAN in Automation (Germany). The encoder is specified for shaft loads of up to 300 N axial and 400 N radial, supports a temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C and boasts a life of at least 360 million movements. The rotary encoder is optionally available in half or fully redundant versions and with various interfaces and customer-specific outlet cables.

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