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Rotary encoder

Slewing ring functionality

TWK Elektronik (Germany) has equipped its rotary encoders of the TRT and NOCN model series with a slewing ring functionality. The encoders come with CANopen.

(Photo: TWK)

WHEN USED ON SLEWING RINGS OR SPINDLES, rotary encoders often encounter their limits. Firstly, "curved" transmission ratios can occur and secondly, the rotary encoder should always supply a value between 0 ° and 360°, irrespective of how often the slewing ring is rotated in one direction. Therefore, no jump should occur on the passage through the rotary encoder's internal zero point.

TWK has equipped its CANopen and Profinet rotary encoders of the TRT or NOCN model series with a slewing ring functionality. This enables the number of slewing ring and rotary encoder teeth to be set directly in the rotary encoder. This allows the customer to implement all conceivable transmission ratios and to adapt the rotary encoder to the relevant slewing ring. The rotary encoder then supplies the position of the slewing ring in degrees (resolution adjustable) and its speed in degrees/time unit (time unit adjustable) as output values. In the second quarter of 2015, the slewing ring functionality will also be available for the SIL 2-certified Profisafe and CANopen safety rotary encoders.

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