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Weight transmitter

Eight reading channels

Laumas (IT) has extended its range of weight transmitters with the TLM8 CANopen series. It features a graphic display and eight independent reading channels for load cells.

The weighing system comes with eight reading channels for load cells (Photo: Laumas)

THE TRANSMITTER COMES WITH DIMENSIONS OF 148 mm x 92 mm x 60 mm, a backlight graphic LCD display (white on blue), 128 pixel x 64 pixel resolution, a five-key keypad, and a 60 mm x 32 mm visible area. The five-key keypad enables system calibration. The device offers diverse I/Os and fieldbuses such as CANopen (maximum 99 instruments), analog output, three logic inputs, five logic relay outputs, EIA-485 for the connection to PC/PLC, remote display, and printer.

Additional features of the product include the EIA-485 (Modbus RTU)/fieldbus transmission of the divisions for the eight independent reading channels and a test key for direct access to the diagnostic functions with a graphical display of the current load distribution on each active channel with archive backups.
Digital equalization allows the instrument to equalize the connected load cells and avoids the use of junction boxes with a trimmer. To enable automatic diagnostics, the instrument is designed to store the percentage value of load distribution for each channel. The diagnostic function compares the recorded values and if a significant variation between the values is detected during normal operation, the instrument displays an alarm. Depending on the weighing system type, it is possible to perform load diagnostics.

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