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Mass flow meter

For gases in industrial processes

Buerkert’s (Germany) mass flow meters or controllers communicate via CANopen or the company’s proprietary system bus. The system bus is also based on CANopen, but works without a master.

The Edip platform for integrating several sensor-actuator modules (Photo: Buerkert)

THE DEVICE PLATFORM EDIP (efficient device integration platform) offers a way to integrate several sensor-actuator modules into an Industrial Ethernet network using a superordinate system control unit. The mass flow controllers or meters of the 874X series are one of the modules that can be integrated. Control-related elements were eliminated in the Type 8741 mass flow controller (MFC) / mass flow meter (MFM) for gases. These control tasks are assumed by a superordinate control unit, which addresses sensor-actuator modules (SAM) by means of a system bus. The SAMs are equipped with an interface for the proprietary Bürkert System Bus (Büs). Previously, each MFC/MFM included its own control hardware; now the Type ME2X system control unit (SCU) is used. The SCU can control up to 16 control circuits at once and functions as a gateway between Industrial Ethernet and the system bus. As a result, the field device level can be connected directly to Industrial Ethernet.

The Edip platform for integrating several sensor-actuator modules (Photo: Buerkert)

Type 8741 can be configured either as an MFC or MFM. It is intended for the use in a system bus or CANopen network. The communication of the devices can be switched from system bus to CANopen, which means Type 8741 can also be integrated into an existing CANopen infrastructure. The device measures (MFM) or controls (MFC) the mass flow of gases using a MEMS sensor. The sensor is in direct contact with the gas and therefore reaches response times of a few hundred milliseconds. Furthermore, the measurement is independent from pressure or temperature deviations. The device can optionally be calibrated for two different gases and the user is able to switch between them.

The system bus is based on CANopen, however it works with auto-addressing and without a master in the system. If a CAN network is already present in the customer application, switching between the system bus and CANopen is possible with a DIP switch on the device. The network technology was developed by Bürkert especially for applications with quite a number of control loops run by Industrial Ethernet or other fieldbuses. The SCU Type ME2X transfers a customer’s PLC fieldbus into the proprietary system bus communication and operates all connected electronic devices.