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Pressure transmitter

CANopen and optional J1939

ADZ Nagano (Germany) provides a range of pressure transmitters. Among others, the SMC, which is a pressure transmitter with CANopen interface.

(Photo: ADZ Nagano)

THE CANOPEN PRESSURE TRANSDUCER comes with stainless steel diaphragm and semiconductor thin-film technology, suggesting its use in most areas of industrial applications. The company says, the IP67-rated product’s design also offers reliability in rugged conditions. The CAN controller meets the requirements of the CAN protocol and permits data rates of up to 1 MBit/s.

The unit comes with a media temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C and provides an integrated CANopen interface (optional J1939) as well as a shock and vibration resistance. The product has no internal transmitting media (fully welded, “dry” measuring cell). It is suitable for application areas such as: general industrial uses, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and automation, automotive industry, environmental engineering, air conditioning, and agricultural engineering.

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