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Draw-wire sensor

Controlling and measuring cylinders

With the SX 300, Waycon offers a solution to measure the piston stroke in hydraulic and telescopic cylinders. As an output signal, CANopen is available.

(Photo: Waycon)

THE DRAW-WIRE SERIES WAS DESIGNED for the use in combination with hydraulic cylinders for the measurement of the cylinder position. It was developed especially for long stroke cylinders with pressurized housings to be flanged directly to the cylinder head. By giving feedback signals to a machine control unit, it is possible to control the position of a cylinder, to program specific movements or to manage synchronous movements of several cylinders.

With a measurement range of up to 15 m, the sensor is suitable for the use in “large applications”, for example dams, sluice gates, drawbridges, cranes or during the construction of wind turbines. Due to its pressure-proof casing,
the product can be mounted directly on the face of the cylinder. The stainless-steel measuring rope is attached to the piston and held in the sensor by a spring.

(Photo: Waycon)

The sensor element, a digital encoder, is located outside of the pressure area and provides data about the position of the piston. The output signals can be selected from CANopen, SSI, Profibus, Profinet or Ethercat and therefore offer flexibility in the selection of control concepts. The sensors also allow for fast cylinder movements, are designed for operating pressures of up to 300 bar, and are suitable for ambient temperatures of -20 °C to +70 °C. Therefore they can be used in a range of industrial sectors. Application areas include for example: stroke measurement of hydraulic weir gates or synchronization monitoring of parallel cylinder arrangements.

Draw-wire sensors

Draw-wire sensors measure the position or change in position of objects. Core components of a draw-wire sensor are a precision measuring wire and a sensor element (e.g. potentiometer or encoder), which convert the path change into a proportional electrical signal. The maintenance-free draw-wires are used in a variety of industries.

The German company Waycon Positionsmesstechnik has been developing and manufacturing precision sensors for position and distance measurement since 1999. With headquartered in Taufkirchen near Munich and a branch in Bruehl near Cologne, the company sells their products all over the world.

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