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Sensor + Test 2015

Displacement sensing

At the Sensor + Test 2015 fair in Nuremberg, Attocube (Germany) has presented the IDS3010 displacement sensor. It was designed for OEM displacement sensing. A CANopen interface is optionally available.

The IDS3010 displacement sensor (Photo: Attocube)

SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TASKS in industrial metrology applications are contactless measurements of distances and displacements, the detection of vibration amplitudes of machine components and tools, and the ultra-precise survey of rotationally symmetric parts. The fields of application are versatile and range from ultra-precision machining to semiconductor technology. The requirements on accuracy, flexibility, and interconnectivity are constantly increasing and ask for ever more sophisticated solutions.
These solutions should combine precision, speed, and reliability - while providing remote access and software maintenance from anywhere on the planet.

The IDS3010 sensor has been specifically designed for OEM and synchrotron applications. A passively cooled housing prevents contamination of optical and electrical components. For even more confined applications, the sensor heads can be remotely operated and interconnected via glass fibers. Due to an integrated webserver, the sensor can be aligned, initialized, and (re-)configured remotely at any time. A spectrum of digital and analog real-time interfaces and protocols enables the transmission of position data to the receiver such as CNC controllers or RTOS computers. In addition, interfaces such as CANopen, Profinet, Profinet RT, and Ethercat enable the integration into broader industrial networks. The sensor is suitable for the following application areas: coordinate measurement, real-time vibration detection, semiconductor technology, drive technology, and ultra-precision machining.

The IDS3010 displacement sensor (Photo: Attocube)

The built-in DFB laser of the IDS is locked to a molecular absorption frequency reference, making the detected displacement traceable to international length standards. All measurements are therefore accurate in a metrological sense. The sensor measures the position of the target with a bandwidth of 10 MHz and a resolution of 1 pm. At the same time, the sensor is compatible with displacement velocities of up to 2 m/s. Due to its size of 50 mm x 55 mm x 195 mm and its passively cooled housing, the sensor can be directly integrated into milling machines, coordinate measurement machines, and semiconductor equipment. Adapter plates enable the integration into electric control cabinets.

The product offers three measurement axes which operate simultaneously, enabling tracking target displacements in three degrees of freedom over dynamic travel ranges of up to 5 m. The sensor can be equipped with an optional environmental compensation unit (ECU). The ECU enables the operation of the IDS sensor’s bar at ambient conditions while maintaining an accuracy of better than ± 1 ppm under a range of pressure, temperature, and humidity values. All IDS sensors are equipped with an integrated visible alignment laser (650 Nm). The alignment lasers can be software enabled during mechanical installation of the sensor, reducing setup duration. An alignment software tool simplifies the process further.

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