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For NMEA 2000 systems

The Baro Plug sensor by LCJ Capteurs features a Micro plug and an LED indicator. Users can plug it into the NMEA backbone and immediately read the atmospheric pressure on any compatible display.

The product addresses a market demand and retails at €149 (Photo: LCJ Capteurs)

THE BARO PLUG IS A PLUG AND PLAY BAROMETER FOR NMEA 2000 instrument systems. It measures 81 mm x 17,5 mm, weighs 35 g, and comes with a LED indicator. It features a Micro male plug to connect directly to the NMEA 2000 backbone. Users can install the sensor on their NMEA system’s backbone and read the data (the atmospheric pressure) on any connected display that features barometric data.

The sensor measures pressure from 850 hPa to 1150 hPa to one decimal resolution and sends the relevant pgn to the NMEA network. Baro Plug complies with the NMEA 2000 version 3 specifications. It must be located in a place protected from water drops and subject to atmospheric pressure. Users should not attempt any modification to the unit. According to the company, the sensor does not require any maintenance. Users should check the connection on a regular basis.

The company’s sensors are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of three years from the date of purchase. The guarantee is limited to the repair and/or replacement of the product. It does not cover installation costs and shipping costs of faulty units. The company guarantees that each of their sensors are tested and calibrated before dispatch.

LCJ Capteurs (France) designs and manufactures ultrasonic wind sensors. These sensors measure wind speed and direction for recreation and professional use in fields such as leisure marine, heavy marine, mobiles on land, smart buildings, wind farms, sound measurement, environment, or agriculture.

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