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Multiturn encoder

Stainless steel for seawater resistance

Kuebler’s (Germany) series of magnetic multiturn encoders Sendix M36 is complemented by a robust variant. The Sendix M36R comes with a CANopen interface.

The encoder’s size of only 42 mm allows installation in tight mounting spaces (Photo: Kuebler)

THE HARSH ENVIRONMENT OF MOBILE AUTOMATION, wind power plants, and maritime applications places high demands on sensors. Sensors must withstand shocks, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations. They have to be both robust and reliable. Especially for such applications, Kuebler (Germany) is expanding its portfolio in the area of absolute multiturn encoders. The series of magnetic multiturn encoders Sendix M36 is complemented by a robust variant. This encoder bears the ending "R". The encoder is also available as hollow shaft variant.

The robust bearing structure in Safety-Lockplus design withstands shocks, vibrations, and installation errors. In addition, the shaft seal has a mechanical protection. All these features allow this device to achieve protection levels of IP66, IP67, and IP69K. Large bearings ensure very high bearing load capacity, reaching the strength level of 58-mm encoders. Thus, the encoder provides reliability and contributes to plant availability.

This encoder is equipped with a CANopen CiA 301 interface or with 4 mA to 20 mA or 0 V to 10 V analog outputs. It supports the CANopen encoder profile CiA 406 v4.0 with manufacturer-specific add-ons, LSS-service, and bootloader. With CANopen, the following parameters can be programmed: event mode, one work area with upper and lower limit and corresponding output states, variable PDO mapping, and extended failure management for position sensing. An SSI interface is also available.

As an electronic multiturn encoder equipped with the Energy Harvesting Technology, this encoder integrates neither gears nor a battery. Thanks to this technology, cost-efficiency can be combined with compactness in the same device. Its magnetic scanning makes this device insensitive to dust and condensation. In addition, its temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C contributes to its high resistance.

The encoder is equipped as a standard with a die-cast housing. If even more robustness is required, a VA4 stainless steel variant is available. It is suitable for offshore applications. The encoder has also been granted the e1 approval of the KBA (German Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority). This approval sets specific requirements for EMC and on-board power supply.

With a total resolution reaching 38 bits resulting from the combination of a multiturn encoder with maximum 24 bits and a singleturn reaching a 14-bit resolution, the encoder shows a high versatility that opens many application possibilities.

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