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Wire-actuated encoder

CANopen in forklift trucks

Siko has introduced its wire-actuated encoders SG32, SG42, and SG62. They are suitable for forklift trucks to measure the angle, height, tilt, and speed whilst at the same time meeting safety requirements.

The wire-actuated encoder SG32 (Photo: Siko)

SIKO'S REDUNDANT WIRE-ACTUATED ENCODERS meet the safety requirements in the whole system in line with SIL 2 and performance level d. The encoders SG32, SG42, and SG62 were introduced in the forklifts and AGV systems to make them more reliable in measuring the height of the lift mast. The SG32 encoder comes with a measuring length of 3000 mm, is IP65 rated, and provides a measuring rope of stainless steel.

These encoders offer safety by means of a sensor technology which measures the absolute position. Two separate sensor systems measure the absolute position and give it out separately as analog signals. With a measuring range between 3 m and 6 m, these wire-actuated encoders are best suited for measuring the absolute height of the lift mast on driverless transport systems. For forklifts, versions for up to 15 m are available. All sensors are available with a redundant interface, potentiometer, analog current or voltage, as well as CANopen.

For vehicles that cannot be installed with a wire-actuated encoder for design reasons, the German company offers the incremental IG-O encoder. The encoder is integrated in a toothed belt wheel and as a result can be installed within small spaces, says the company. The existing gear belt can be used in combination with the IG-O encoder on the lift mast, in order to measure the height of the lift mast. Extensive mechanical adaptations are eliminated.

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