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Rotary position sensor

Single- or multichannel version

Novotechnik’s rotary position sensor RFC-4800 determines the measurement angle based on the positional change of a magnetic field. These sensors are now also available with CANopen interface, opening additional diagnostic avenues.

(Photo: Novotechnik)

THE SENSORS ALSO PROVIDE ADDITIONAL FEATURES, such as cam switch, limit switch, speed data, and more. The CANopen version is available in a one-channel or multichannel design, with one or two connectors. This allows for a stub connection or the loop-through of the network. The sensor uses the CiA 406 V 3.2 device profile and communicates according to CiA 301 V 4.2.0; LSS services to CiA 305 V 1.1.2. Programmable parameters are position, speed, cams, working areas, rotating direction, scale, offset, node-ID, and bit-rate (50 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s).

There are also different contacting options available: The selection includes models with cable outlets, as well as 5-pin M12 connectors, and the AMP or Deutsch connectors favored for mobile applications. In the near future, the CAN protocol J1939 for utility vehicles will be supported as well.

According to the manufacturer, the compact sensor has proven its durability, reliability, and adaptability in some diverse applications. It can be found in applications in machine engineering and plant design as well as in mobile applications. The sensors offer touchless hall technology, IP67 and IP6K9K, a resolution up to 14 bit, and a temperature range of -40 °C to +105 °C.

Novotechnik is a German company that develops and manufactures sensors and sensor systems for linear and rotary measurement for applications in the industrial and automotive industry. Subsidiaries in the U.S. and China as well as trading partners in over 25 countries support the international market.

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