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Gladiator Technologies has announced a new model of their Land Mark 50 GPS/AHRS. The added CAN output feature enables easy integration for automotive test users as well as automotive racing test teams.

The device weighs less than 550 g (Photo: Gladiator Technologies)

THE SYSTEM BUILDS UPON THE COMPANY'S LAND MARK GPS/AHRS product families, including the Land Mark 10/20/30/40 and 50. The improved Land Mark 50 GPS/AHRS represents inertial performance on par with systems utilizing traditional inertial technologies. This performance leap with MEMS technology offers improvement in performance over previous generation systems and is combined with a 72 channel GPS receiver with up to an 18Hz GPS navigation update rate.

All Land Mark GPS-aided products incorporate a GPS receiver. In addition to CAN outputs, the device also features an EIA-422/485 serial interface with a data rate of 100 Hz (4 kHz internal sampling rate). It also offers 72-channel GNSS, up to 18 Hz navigation update rate GPS, a GPS velocity accuracy of 0,05 m/s, a GPS heading accuracy of 0,3°, and a GPS horizontal accuracy of ±2,0 m.

The device offers open loop FOG (fiber-optic gyroscope) performance utilizing low noise MEMS gyros and accelerometers. This integrated GPS-aided attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) features 1°/hour in-run bias. An internal vibration isolation system provides improved performance.

CEO Mark Chamberlain, commented, "We are excited to offer this new model of our MEMS-based Land Mark 50 GPS aided-AHRS with CAN bus output. It will ease integration and use by our automotive customers, yet still provide a low-cost and feature rich suite of GPS-aided inertial data. We are integrating this new digital electronics architecture into our other GPS-aided inertial systems and will be announcing those product model upgrades soon.”

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