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Recorder for NVH

Simultaneous video images

Unexpected noise and vibration are a cause for concern during the inspection of vehicles. In the NVH test field, recording video images synchronously with noise and vibration signals enables engineers to locate these problems.

The recorder is smaller than a DIN A4 sheet (Photo: Teac Europe)

IN NUMEROUS MOBILE APPLICATIONS it isn’t enough to simply record analog measurement signals. Often, data from a CAN network, tacho signals, GPS position or video streams have to be recorded at the same time. The VR-24 from Teac is compact alternative to modular systems. It is an integrated recorder for NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) measurements in mobile applications. It records four analog measurement channels with IEPE supply and up to 40 kHz bandwidth, streams of two video cameras, all messages on a CAN network, the GPS position, pulse data, as well as one spoken comment simultaneously to CFast or SDHC memory cards. To expand the channel number, it can be operated synchronously with a second VR-24 or a WX-7000 recorder with up to 128 analog IEPE channels.

Via the CAN and GPS channels, data like the vehicle status, time code, position, altitude and speed are communicated. CAN signals can be collected via the OBD terminal. For environment noise measurement for example of roads, railways, and airports, VR-24 can record not only the noise level, but also a video to detect the noise source and the cause of noise more precisely.

Connected to the CAN network, the recorder collects CAN signals (Photo: Teac Europe)

Two digital video channels and four analog signal channels can be used to record low-frequency vibration to high-frequency noise through one unit. The data recorder can also fulfill demand for high-frequency noise measurement on electric and hybrid electric vehicles and turbochargers required in engine downsizing.

In order to detect the behavior of noise sources, the demand of video recording is increasing. For example, camcorders are used for video recording with instrumentation data recorder. In this case, the time code has to be adjusted after recording, by using software. VR-24 provides complete synchronized measurement for video and analog data in one unit. Video and analog signals are recorded synchronously; no adjustment is required after recording. Field use is possible with an external battery option. The device measures 260 mm x 185 mm x 70 mm and weighs approximately 2,6 kg. In Germany, it is available from ADM Messtechnik.

Teac Europe is one of the largest subsidiaries of Tokyo-based Teac Corporation, a billion-dollar global corporation and a manufacturer of recording technology for over five decades. Today, Teac manufactures an range of products from wireless audio streamers, products for audio- and video-applications, external hard disk drives to professional CD/DVD Disc Publishing solutions.

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