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Absolute encoders

Certified for Ex d and Ex t applications

Leine & Linde (Germany) has introduced Atex and IECEx zones 1/21 certified absolute encoders with CANopen. They are suitable for offshore applications where they are subjected to shock and vibration.

The encoders are flame and dustproof (Photo: Leine & Linde)

“THE ATEX AND IECEX CERTIFIED ENCODERS are equipped with the same bearings as our heavy duty encoder series”, says Linda Carnbo, product manager. “The bearings often determine an encoder’s lifetime, and our construction allows the encoders to be placed in the most demanding environments. Our encoders can be subjected to shock and vibrations daily without losing quality or accuracy.”

“Since the Atex and IECEx certificate covers both gas (Ex d) and dust (Ex t) groups, the encoders can be used in applications not only related to the offshore industries (where gas is common). That is why Leine & Linde has included the full interface range such as CANopen, Devicenet, SSI and Endat”, Linda concludes.

The flameproof protection permits the encoders to be used in areas where an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur on occasion in normal operation. The encoder material (enclosure, flange, and shaft) is stainless steel, with the grading EN 1.4404/AISI 316L. It is acid-proof and has a high corrosion resistance, which enables use in marine and offshore applications with extreme demands for reliable and durable performance.

Customized versions of the encoder are also available. The certification for the encoder is made to permit a range of mechanical configurations according to the customers’ needs. Regarding the resolution, the encoder is available up to 31 bit multiturn (19 bit singleturn + 12 bit multiturn) and the scanning is based on inductive principle.

One of the requirements for certification within gas and dust environments is that surface temperatures of the encoders need to be classified into temperature classes. Different materials have different ignition temperatures. “In order not to limit its usability, we made the encoder available in classes T4, T5, and T6, with a whole range of ambient temperatures and rotation speeds”, says Linda Carnbo. The company also provides Ex-certified cable glands and connectors. For non-used entries of the encoder, Ex-certified blind plugs are available.

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