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Interlift 2015

Load weighing devices with CANopen Lift

At the Interlift 2015, Dinacell Electronica (Spain) presents its latest load weighing devices for lifts. The NG-Series provides a CANopen Lift interface.

The product comes with CANopen Lift (Photo: Dinacell)

SINCE 1994, DINACELL HAS DEVELOPED several projects in the field of load cells, with applications in several sectors, such as lifts, industrial elevators, cranes, automotive industrial handling and silos. Now the company launches its New Generation (NG) of load weighing devices for lifts with CANopen Lift CiA-417 integrated. The units also have an optional Wifi connection to remotely calibrate and control the devices as well as to generate reports with the final settings and rope balancing of the installation.

The NG-Series is designed for all types of sensors. Omega-NG-12-C for individual wire ropes tension; LCK NG for multi rope sensors; CHD NG for hydraulic sensors and SV NG 3000 for beam installations. According to the company, they provide a software for smartphones and laptops available for fitters to make it easier to configure and check all parameters in a saver way. At the Interlift 2015 fair, the company exhibits the product in hall 4 / stand 4071. The fair takes place from 13 to 16 October 2015 in Augsburg, Germany.

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