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Single- and dual-axis versions

The MAS-360-DR-2_CANJ and the MAS-2-DR-30-2-CANJ sensors come with J1939 interfaces. They feature an accuracy of 0,2° in the temperature range of 0 °C to +50 °C.

The single-axis version can measure ±180°, the dual-axis sensor ±30° (Photo: Level Developments)

THE BRITISH MANUFACTURER has sealed the products in an anodized housing and they are IP67 or IP69K-rated. The devices are individually calibrated to minimize non-linearity errors, cross axis, zero bias, and temperature related errors. They are designed for mobile crane boom angle measurements or similar applications such as excavator boom, dipper, and bucket monitoring. Other possible applications include telescopic and scissor lift boom monitoring or cradle monitoring with feedback control. The Mems-based inclinometers feature a resolution of 0,01°.

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