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Compliant to CiA 406 or CiA 410

CANopen encoders and inclinometers

The Easy-CAN series of absolute encoders and IX series of inclinometers from Lika Electronic are suited for operation in tough industrial environments. Construction vehicles, material handling, mobile cranes, forklifts, and bucket trucks included.

The company provides CANopen sensors (Photo: Lika Electronic)

LIKA (ITALY) OFFERS A COMPLETE portfolio of solutions developed for the mobile equipment sector: incremental and absolute encoders, contactless encoders, redundant encoders, draw-wire encoders, inclinometers. Because of the harsh operating environment, they are designed to handle dirt, moisture, vibration, shock and extreme temperatures. They provide the highest levels of safety and performance, says the company. Among the latest news in the range are the updated Easy-CAN absolute rotary encoders and the IX 1-axis and 2-axis absolute inclinometers.

For boom rotation and lifting (pitch) angle measurement, the Easy-CAN series is a solution. They are suitable for master-single slave networks and provide CAN. The series comes wit a single connection cable and simplified electronics. They comply with CiA 301 and CiA 406 and include the whole packet of CANopen functions: position and velocity readout, scaling function, preset, extended diagnostics etc. They are IP67-rated (IP65 at shaft side) and offer the industrial 58-mm flange and shaft options. The encoders are available in 13- and 18-bit single-turn resolution and 24-, 25-, 26-, 27- and 30-bit multi-turn resolution. Output connection can be either radial or axial for both cable and M12 connector options.

The IX series of 1-axis and 2-axis absolute inclinometers come with CANopen and analog interface. They monitor the leveling of vehicles and platforms during operation (roll) and the rotation and pitch angle in the crane booms. The measurement range is from ±5 ° up to ±60 ° in the 2-axis models and up to ±360 ° in the 1-axis models. They provide a resolution of up to 0,001 ° and accuracy of up to ±0,05 °.

The inclinometers are IP67-protected. The metal enclosure and the resin-coated electronics allow for protection against mechanical stresses, vibrations, thermal shocks (up to -40 °C to +85 °C) and moisture. The output is either CANopen in compliance with CiA 301 and CiA 410 or analog (current 4 mA to 20 mA; voltage 0,5 V to 4,5 V). The CANopen models further add a programmable resolution from 0,1° to 0,001°, complete diagnostics and an optional anti-vibration filter. Cable and M12 connector options are both available (other automotive connectors are on demand).

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