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Cable robot

Cameras simulate a service satellite

The Spider Cam by DFKI Robotics Innovation Center (Germany) is a cable robot, which consists of a mount, eight cables connected to four winches, and a controller.

The Spider Cam architecture (Photo: Benjamin Girault, DFKI)
The Spider Cam cable robot (Photo: Alexander Dettmann, DFKI)

THE WINCHES OF THE CABLE ROBOT cause the mount to fly through the exploration hall by increasing and decreasing the cable lengths. The mount is supplied with power and data transmission by cords inside the cables. The Spider CAM (SC) is controlled via a CAN network. CAN allows position changes of the CAM. The SC sends its current position based on the internal cable length measurement. It can load 150 kg of equipment and is used in the project Inveritas to simulate a service satellite. The overall goal of the project is the prototypic realization of a Rendezvous and Capture (RvC) system and the development of the core technologies with respect to the technology readiness level. The product comes with a power supply of 4 x 32 A, 400 V and a maximum speed of 2000 mm/s. It provides eight absolute encoders and measures 16 m x 7 m x 6 m. Its application field is space robotics.

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