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Force and moment sensor with CAN

Schunk has added the FCT to its range of sensors. It is a force/moment sensor for hand-operated robots or service robots and can also be used in simpler applications.

The electronics of the sensor are integrated into the sensor system (Photo: Schunk)

THE FORCE AND MOMENT SENSOR is suitable for implementing compact solutions because the electronic processor is fully integrated into the module. The flat quick-change sensor features an interfering contour and has six independent load measurement ranges. This allows forces up to 150 N and moments up to 3 Nm to be recorded with a measuring accuracy of 3 %. Configuration and evaluation can be performed via CAN or EIA-232.

The sensor can handle temporary overloads up to three times the normal load. Due to its real-time measurement and data output functions, the FCT also enables control concepts. It can be used for simple assembly applications as well as for hand-operated robots or service robotics applications. Due to its battery-servable 12 VDC to 24 VDC power supply, the product is also suitable for mobile applications.

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