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Final stage of SIL CL 2 certification

Certification of the QG-series sensors by DIS Sensors for SIL CL 2 (according to IEC 62061) and PLd (according to EN ISO 13849) is entering its final stage.

EN 50325-5 is supported (Photo: DIS Sensors)

Due to law-regulations, more and more applications and machines have to meet the SIL CL 2 safety-level according to IEC/EN 61508. Therefore, the Dutch company decided a while ago to develop a series of CANopen sensors that meet the requirements of SIL CL 2/PLd. These redundant sensors for all safety-critical components are based on MEMS technology and communicate with the EN 50325-5.

On short notice, the company can deliver the following types of certified sensors: 1-axis 360° inclination sensor, 2-axis ±30°/±90° inclination sensor, 3-axis ±2°/±4°/±8° acceleration sensor. All models are available in the QG65 housing (reinforced plastic) or stainless steel QG76 housing.

The products come with protection class IP67 or IP68, a temperature range of up to -40 °C to +85 °C, and an inclination accuracy of up to 0,09° with a resolution of 0,05° and an acceleration accuracy up to 0,08° with a resolution of 0,005°.


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