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Automotive Testing Expo 2016

Engine test instrumentation

Labcell will introduce a range of engine test instruments at the Automotive Testing Expo. The company’s M400MR blow-by meter measures the flow of gases from an engine’s crank-case.

The M400MR blow-by meter has a CAN output (Photo: Labcell)

Engineers from Labcell will be on hand to discuss the features and benefits of the M400MR blow-by meter. This is a compact instrument for engine testing, lubricant testing, and fleet maintenance in dynamometer cells and vehicles. It measures the flow of gases from an engine’s crank-case. This flow, called blow-by, is caused by piston ring, valve guide, and turbocharger leakage. Blow-by data is used to determine engine condition and lubrication oil effectiveness. It uses solid-state technology to measure, indicate, and transmit values of blow-by with flow range capability up to 400 LPM. The meter has a CAN output.

Labcell also exhibits ECM (engine control and monitoring) instruments that comprise solid-state, exhaust mounted sensors with output options to CAN and analog channels. They measure EGR, Lambda, NOx, NH3, O2 and air/fuel ratio parameters. These instruments are manufactured by the company ECM (US).

The established range of Laminar Flow Elements will also be on the booth, notably the 50MC2 models, which are suitable for the measurement of engine air intake in dynamometer testing. Meriam’s (US) flow elements measure the volume flow rate of gas by operating on capillary flow principles. A suitably scaled transmitter can be fitted to output flow. A CAN output option is also available.

The CSM (Germany) mini-modules will also be on display, including temperature modules, analog to digital modules (with outputs to CAN and Ethercat), and the HV-TH modules designed specifically for safe temperature measurements in high voltage environments for both dyno and in-vehicle applications.

Labcell markets and supports a range of engine test instrumentation suitable for dynamometer and in-vehicle use. The instrumentation measures a range of parameters and utilizes modern technology to provide local display and/or signal output. The company will be exhibiting its range of automotive test instrumentation at Automotive Testing Expo 2016, at stand 1202 at Messe Stuttgart between May 31 and June 2.