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Compensation unit gives robots tactile sense

The sensory compensation unit AGI by Schunk gives robots and axial systems a precise tactile sense at the front-end. It comes with integrated real-time power control.

Sensitivity for the front-end: the compensation unit has an integrated power regulator (Photo: Schunk)

Without having to perform detailed programming or adjusting of the traverse path, the module ensures the previously defined power directly upon contact with the workpiece. Since regulation is decentralized without the participation of the system control, high traverse speeds along a workpiece contour are possible. Here, the defined parameters are precisely adhered to and the maximum value is never exceeded.

Tolerances of the workpiece or its position are compensated for consistently. Furthermore, serial gravitation compensation makes sure that the precise function is guaranteed even if the orientation changes. It can be used with all standard robots and communicates via CAN, Devicenet, and Ethernet TPT. Optionally, Profinet, analog I/O, Ethernet XML, Modbus TCP, or Profibus are possible.

According to the company, the AGI minimizes the programming time, prevents damage to the tool or the workpiece, and can bring about considerable savings with the cycle time. Even sensitive parts operating at maximum performance can be managed. The module is available in three sizes for process forces between 3 N and 100 N, 6 N and 200 N, or 24 N and 800 N. The comparison stroke is 11,5 mm, 35,5 mm, or 98 mm.


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