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Position indicator

Bus-compatible with LCD display

The AP05 is the most compact of all bus-compatible position indicators from Siko. The successor of the AP04 offers the same space-saving attachment dimensions, as well as being bus-compatible.

The AP05 position sensor as a camouflaged development mule (Photo: Siko)

A significant element of the AP05 position indicator – an inverted, backlit LCD display – has been integrated to ensure that the values for the target and actual position are ideally legible, even in low light conditions. Along with the LCD directional arrow, the position indicator also offers intuitive user guidance via the right and left status LEDs, both integrated into the case and in two colors. These not only signal positional status but also simultaneously indicate the required rotational direction.

The mechanical robustness has been improved with the help of a carbon-fiber-reinforced case and protective cover for the display. Thus the indicator is usable in areas where mechanical strain on the connector plug and case or impacts to the display can’t be ruled out. Because the connector plug is available with an optional cable outlet, the position indicator can be deployed in constrained spaces.

Flexible network integration

The bus-compatible AP05 position indicator can be equipped with either an EIA-485 or a CAN interface. The network integration is compatible with the AP04 predecessor, as well as with further bus-compatible Siko position indicators of the current generation: AP10, AP10S, and AP10T. With the use of additional interface converters, the AP05 can be integrated into a range of fieldbus and Ethernet networks. A few of these are Profibus-DP, Profinet IO, Ethernet/IP, Ethercat, and Powerlink.

As with all Siko position indicators, the position indicator also features a hollow shaft, enabling easy assembly for standard adjustable axles. Despite its compact design, it can accommodate spindle shafts up to 20 mm in diameter. With regard to the size and clearance of the torque reaction support, it also features attachment compatibility with not only the AP04 but also with the DA04 mechanical position indicator. Thus the machine’s frame can be switched from manual adjustment with mechanical position indicator to monitored format adjustment with the AP05. Due to the protection afforded by IP65 and the use of stainless steel, the position indicator is suited to applications in the fields of food production, drinks manufacturing, or pharmaceuticals.

Siko will introduce its position indicator to the public for the first time – without camouflage – at Fach Pack 2016, in hall 1, stand 401. Fach Pack is the European trade fair for packaging, technology, processing, and logistics. It will take place from September 27 to 29 in Nuremberg, Germany.


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