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Tire pressure and temperature monitoring

Tyrepal’s J1939 CANbus TPMS enables tire pressure and temperature to be continuously monitored via CAN instrumentation. It is designed for use in buses and commercial vehicles with up to ten wheels.

The CAN module measures 84 mm x 58 mm x 34 mm and has IP65 (Photo: Tyrepal)

The TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) is suited for builders of customized vehicles such as fire engines, ambulances, buses etc. It gives alerts when the tire pressure or the temperature are outside pre-set levels or when pressure is falling, such as from a puncture. It provides regularly updated tire pressure and temperature readings and alerts if a tire is overheating, indicating an over-stressed tire – a potential blowout.

The system consists of battery-powered sensors on each tire and the receiving module that connects to the CAN network. A hand-held reader or a monitor unit is used to program sensors to the receiving module and to set the pressure and temperature thresholds. The sensors are Tyrepal TC series sensors installed on the tires where they check temperature and pressure and transmit the data at 433 MHz to the receiving module connected to the CAN network at 250 kbit/s. Various sensor versions are available for fitting externally to the tire valve or internally within the tire.

The system requires engineering expertise to program it into the host system, so it is appropriate for equipment manufacturer applications. It is not supported for individual retail customers. For fleet operators, the Tele TPMS system is recommended to provide full monitoring of tire pressures from the fleet office. Tele TPMS is a management tool that lets fleet managers ensure that tires are correctly inflated at all times. It provides continuous fleet-wide tire pressure monitoring without relying on individual drivers.

Tyrepal (UK) is a supplier of after-market and OEM tire pressure monitoring systems, specializing in tire pressure monitoring systems for all types of vehicle. As TPMS specialists, the company is independent of tire manufacturers or tire service providers. It supplies tire pressure monitoring systems to private and commercial end users, to original equipment manufacturers, and to service providers such as telematics and fleet tyre service providers. Tyrepal is a subsidiary of Wheel Solutions.


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