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Bauma China 2016

Inclinometer compensates accelerations

In Shanghai, Posital showed its Tiltix inclinometer for tilt measurement of moving equipment. The sensor uses accelerometers and a gyroscope to measure accurately, even during strong accelerations.

The Tiltix inclinometer use a sophisticated software algorithm to compensate dynamically accelerations (Photo: Posital)

The CANopen sensor Tiltix complies with the CiA 410 profile for inclinometer, and provides an integrated T-connector. The product comes in an IP69K-rated housing. It is based on MEMS accelerometers that rely on monitoring the effect of gravity on a tiny mass suspended in an elastic support structure. Unfortunately, accelerations (e.g. due to rapid motion of the equipment to which the instrument is attached) introduce errors in tilt measurements. Adding a set of electromechanical gyroscopes to the inclinometer eliminates this problem. Signals from these gyroscopes are used to compensate for the effects of acceleration, with the result that the inclinometer can be used reliably on mobile equipment such as construction machinery, mining equipment, cranes, agriculture machinery, and anywhere else where sudden movements, shocks, and vibrations are likely to be encountered.

Tilt measurement on a moving excavator with and without compensation (Photo: Posital)

The compensation of these external acceleration forces is critical for every machine where clean measurements during dynamic movements are needed. The inclinometer using a compensation algorithm has a measurement range of ±180° in two axes. This compensation software makes it nearly impossible to copy the product. Other features include 0,01° resolution, 0,3° accuracy (0,5° during movements), -40 °C to +85 °C temperature, and up to 100 g shock resistance. The device can be mounted horizontally or vertically.


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