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CANopen angle sensor

Contactless Hall sensor

Elobau has developed the 424CO, a CAN-capable angle sensor with CANopen protocol, in compliance with ISO 11898. It has a long lifetime and high reliability due to its measurement principle with Hall effect.

The sensor measure 62 mm x 41 mm x 44,6 mm (Photo: Elobau)

The measuring principle of Elobau’s 424CO CANopen angle sensor is based on a Hall sensor, which registers changes in the magnetic field and emits a corresponding signal. The sensor is therefore contactless, which makes it reliable and contributes to its long service life. Using the CANopen protocol, diverse optional specifications such as bit-rate or direction of rotation can be set. The bit-rate can be set between 50 kbit/s and 1 Mbit/s.

The angle sensor covers a measuring range of 360°, with a resolution of 0,1° and a linearity error of less than 1° over the entire angular range. Its pivot is supported by ball bearings and can therefore accommodate smaller radial forces. This makes it suitable for many applications. The protection class IP67 means the sensor is also suited for use in harsh environments. The recommended temperature range spans -40 °C to +85 °C. Its EMC resistance (field interference 200 V/m in accordance with ISO 11452-5) and the CAN output mean the sensor lends itself for use in the vehicle sector, among others. The German company provides suitable cable sets or operating levers on request. It is connected using Deutsch connectors.


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