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Measuring module

Current sensing with CAN

The ICD-A from Isabellenhuette (Germany) is a current measuring module. It provides a CAN interface.

In the ICD-A system is a CAN data base container (DBC) available (Photo: Isabellenhuette)

The shunt-based ICD-A system has a sealed six-pole MCON connector, which is commonly used in the automotive industry. It protects the signal and power transmission from external influences. With transmission rates of up to 1 Mbit/s the connection provides digitized data in CAN format, and ensures precise measurements, said the company. The micro-controller used for digitization includes, among other features, an AC/DC converter, temperature measurement, and voltage regulation. According to the company, this solution features an ultra-low energy consumption, which the sensor can also measure and supply independently – an advantage that is particularly important in the area of e-mobility. The ICD-A is available in three variations with different current levels: 100 A, 300 A, and 500 A.

Alongside the automotive solution, Isabellenhuette also offers a version of the measurement technology system for industry in the form of the ICD-C model. Galvanic isolation was not used, as customer applications always have their own built-in galvanic isolation. Operating temperature ranges from – 40 °C to +105 °C.


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