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Safety inclinometer

Awarded for its EMC performance

The SIL-2 compliant inclinometer by DIS Sensors won the CE-Design Award by the Dare!! Measurements test house.

The design team of the awarded inclinometer featuring CANopen Safety connectivity (Photo: DIS Sensors)

Every year, the accredited test house performs tests and measurements on hundreds of products for conformance to EMC, CE, automotive requirements, and many other international standards. By no means do all these designs pass the test the first time. On the other hand, there are also designs that stand out from the others with regard to EMC and/or safety design. Every quarter a company is selected to get the CE-Design Award. End of last year, DIS Sensors was the winner. The awarded product was the SIL-2/PL-d incline-/accelerometer. “Obviously we take great pride in this achievement, and the huge recognition it means to our R&D team,” stated the company. “For a complex safety product with so many conformance requirements to pass testing the first time, is an extraordinary achievement.”

Given the broad applicability of the SIL2/PLd sensor, it needed to fulfill multiple standards for emissions and immunity: UN agreement regulation 10 (Rev. 5), EN ISO 14982 (2009) agriculture and forestry machinery, EN 13309 (2010) construction machinery, and ISO 13766 (2006) earthmoving machinery. For the automotive test setup the normal minimum vehicle immunity requirement for electromagnetic radiation is 30 V/m, while the requirement for ISO 13766 is more stringent, at 100 V/m.

The awarded inclinometer and accelerometer fulfill the SIL-2 requirements of IEC 62061 and the PL-d requirements of ISO 13489. The products of the QG series provide a CANopen Safety interface compliant with EN 50325-5 (formerly known as CiA 304). They provide a built-in redundancy.

Recently, DIS Sensors has introduced OEM Automatic as its distributor in Poland. Established in 1998, the sales partner is supplier of devices and systems for industrial automation. It is located in Warsaw. DIS Sensors extends its distributor network, in order to support customers also in local languages. Nevertheless, the company is also marketing its products in Belgium, where the headquarter is. At the Indumation tradeshow, the safety sensors were presented, recently. Next exhibition stop is in May the Apex in Amsterdam.