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With CANopen and ready for Industry 4.0

Through its UK distribution partnership with Novotechnik, Variohm Eurosensor supplies and supports linear and rotary sensors. They are available with CANopen.

(Photo: Variohm)

The linear and rotary encoders are optionally available with CANopen. Standardized control software allows for product identification with replacement if required whilst commissioning is enabled by point-to-point connection with unshielded 3-wire cabling and M12 connectors. Users can monitor and modify positional parameters, such as zero, direction of rotation/travel, or resolution. Status and diagnostics messages can be exchanged.

Novotechnik sensor products include the TF1 series inductive linear position sensors as weel as the RSC-2800 and RFC-4800 single- and multi-turn transducers. These angle and linear position encoders support CANopen connectivity. The TF1 is an absolute linear CANopen sensor for positioning tasks that features a touchless inductive measurement principle for unlimited mechanical life. It has a maximum range of up to 1000 mm with resolution to 1 micron and repeatability to 2 microns. The IP67 protection class sensor also includes a teach mode for straightforward installation and is aimed at areas of demanding automation technology. The RSC-2800 rotary sensor uses a contactless magnetic measurement principle for single turn resolution of up to 14 Bits.

With single output and redundant versions it suits a range of angle sensing applications in automation, mobile machinery, and medical equipment. The RFC-4800 angle sensor is a two-part touchless design with separate magnet and sensor. With no shaft or bearings and encapsulated electronics, the sensor is suitable for harsh environment angle measurement applications in marine, agricultural and construction machinery. Single and multi-channel versions are available and resolution is up to 14 bit.


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