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Suitable for on- and off-highway vehicles

Curtiss-Wright has introduced the NRH27C rotary position sensor. It supports the J1939 protocols.

The rotary position sensors are IP69K-rated (Photo: Curtiss-Wright)

Developed by Curtiss-Wright’s legacy brand of Penny & Giles, the NRH27C extends the company’s recently introduced NRH271 and NRH272 family and shares some similar features. These include a low-profile sensor body, small footprint, J1939 connectivity, and an encapsulated, IP69K-rated housing. The product withstands water, dust, shock, vibration, and temperature. This makes the range suitable for use by OEMs of on- and off-highway vehicles.

Within the CAN messaging structure of the vehicle, the NRH27C’s two independent Hall-effect sensing signals allow for error checking of the positional data, which addresses the needs of functional safety-related applications. Additionally, an on-board diagnostic function means predefined error messages can be sent to define the present state of the sensor.

Contained in a 9,5-mm low-profile housing and available with industry-standard AMP Superseal, Deutsch DT04 series connectors (Ip67-rated), or simple 18AWG flying-leads for customer termination, the NRH27C can be powered from a 5-VDC regulated or 9-VDC to 30-VDC unregulated supply and provides a 360° output range. The maximum air gap between magnet and sensor is 7 mm, while concentric offsets of up to 2 mm can be tolerated with minimal impact on output linearity. The magnet can be supplied in a convenient carrier, housed in a bolt, as a plug or loose.


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