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Sensor + Test 2017

Sensor kit with CAN

At the fair, TAM (Germany) introduced the A3-P sensor kit for dynamic applications. It is powered through an optional CAN interface.

The A3-P sensor kit’s power supply ranges from + 7,5 V to +36 V and comes in a case that is designed for ruff use (Photo: TAM)

The non-contact mechanical force sensor allows contactless torque, bending, as well as axial load force measurement. This is enabled by placing the appropriate sensing module onto the to be tested object (e.g. shaft) and then pushing the “initialization” button to start. The sensor can differentiate between positive and negative forces and is insensitive to the speed with which the shaft is rotating. For industrial and automotive application, the A3-P is powered through the optional CAN interface. An optional feature is the cancellation of measurement hysteresis when using lower standard industrial steel.

A PC-dashboard interface software allows the user to change the settings and performances of the sensor system, display in different ways the measurement results, apply advanced signal processing algorithms, and activate a PC-based data logger function. For portable use when no PC is available, the product has a built-in data logger using an MicroSD memory card. A battery powered RTC assures that the measurements taken can be traced back to the actual event. The company showed its kit at the Sensor + Test 2017 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.


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