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Rotary encoder

For hazardous locations

Posital has launched rotary encoders, which are suitable for zone 2 and zone 22 environments. They are available with CANopen and Devicenet interfaces.

These encoders comply with Atex and IECEx standards (Photo: Posital)

The German company has introduced encoders, which can operate safely in atmospheres, in which potentially dangerous levels of explosive gas or dust (3G and 3D) can appear. These devices are designed for group II applications dedicated to zone 2 and zone 22. The members of the Ixarc encoder family come in housings made of aluminum and stainless steel. They feature an up to 16-bit resolution and provide an absolute position with no battery back-up. The products are optionally available with CAN hardware interface running CANopen or Devicenet protocols. The CANopen version complies with the CiA 406 profile for encoders. Typical applications include oil and gas, agriculture, chemical plants, and milling operations. The sensors comply with Atex and IECEx norms, which define essential requirements for equipment and protective systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres.


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