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Sensor for hydraulics

Measures flow, pressure, and temperature

Webtec has introduced a range of hydraulic sensors featuring J1939 connectivity.

The sensors are designed for mobile and industrial applications (Photo: Webtec)

The CAN-connectable sensors are suitable for continuously real-time monitoring of hydraulic flow, pressure, and temperature. They can be used in high-pressure hydraulic systems for closed loop control, to predict imminent hydraulic failure or for diagnostic fault-finding.

The CT turbine flow meter range provides a digital solution to measure flow and temperature in hydraulic systems. The flow meter can be installed anywhere in the hydraulic circuit for production testing, commissioning, development testing and analysis of control systems. With the addition of the manual loading valve on the CTR meters further test scenarios can be simulated and monitored such as pump efficiency.

J1939 pressure sensors are also available to compliment the flow and temperature meters and can be mounted directly onto the flow meter. When combined with a pressure sensor all the fundamental parameters of a hydraulic system can be monitored in a single, compact unit with one cable supporting the J1939 protocol. The combined sensor module measures flows in the range of 1 l/min to 1500 l/min and pressures up to 7000 psi. The J1939 interface is configurable to the requirements of the system designer.


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