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Blind-spot sensor

Communicates via J1939

Preco has developed the Preview Side Defender system for trucks. The J1939-connectable sensor system detects objects in the side blind zones.

(Photo: Preco)

The introduced system warns operators of objects in the vehicle’s side blind zones, including pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles, in order to reduce the incidence of side collisions. It can read vehicle speed messages via J1939. The radar-based sensor system operates in different modes. In highway mode, it alerts operators of vehicles in the side blind zones, while ignoring stationary objects such as guardrails to reduce nuisance alerts. In slow-speed mode, the blind-spot detector is positioned to play an integral role in the emerging side turn assist applications, aimed specifically at reducing the incidence of collisions with pedestrians and cyclists in urban environments.

The blind-spot detector operates in different modes (Photo: Preco)

The sensor system is able to detect and report up to 16 targets. It supports sensor fusion and telematics integration. It provides the ability to integrate with telematics applications, vision systems, LED mirror indicators, or other sensors.

European truck vendors develop a communication standard for trailers with such blind-spot sensors. The J1939-based ISO 11992-3 standard will support automatic line departure control. The standardized CAN link between trailer and truck provides the necessary information about detected objects in respect to speed and direction. The final decision to steer and leave the lane is done in the towing vehicle.

Showcases at Conexpo 2017
Already in spring 2017 at the Conexpo in Las Vegas, Preco presented its Preview Side Defender jointly with some heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. McNeilus showed a Cement Mixer Truck with the company’s Flex Control System integrated with the Sentry and Side Defender, providing ‘surround radar’ around the truck. JLG and CAT brand Tele-Handlers exhibited a rear object detection based on Preco’s radar and KCM presented a wheel loader equipped with backing radar and camera. Terex and Skyjack showed their tele-handlers equipped with radars and rear camera. Also, the wheel-loader by John Deere was equipped with radars from Preco. Irving Equipment introduced a concrete-pump truck with rear and side radar sensing – with both Preview Sentry and Preview Side Defender systems.


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