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CANopen and J1939 support

Sensors, joysticks, and foot pedals

Makersan Control Technologies (Turkey) serves the vehicle industry with CAN-connectable devices including inclinometers and control levers as well as host controllers.

The rotary encoder with optional CANopen or J1939 interface (Photo: Makersan)

The company established in 1978 employs more than 100 people. It has a subsidiary in India and representatives in China, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and USA. The CAN-connectable products include inclinometers, pedals, joysticks, control levers, and keypads. Additionally, the company offers control units and I/O modules with CAN connectivity. All CAN products are provided optionally with CANopen or J1939 software.

The MO-416-H13 is a combined accelerator and gyro sensor. The 3-axes sensors as well as some other products by Makersan come in IP67-rated enclosures. A similar sensor is the MO-415-H13: The inclinometer comprises a gyro sensor to compensate shock and vibrations. The MO-450-A rotary encoder features redundant position Hall sensor elements. The 360°-encoders feature a 0,1° resolution.

The specified temperature range for most of the products is -40 °C to +85 °C. The Turkish company supplies also a door control unit with J1939 connectivity. The MO-651-H5X features a three-zone secure keyless access control. The customer list includes many European truck OEMs as well as Isuzu, JLG, and Mitsubishi Fuso.