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Particle monitors

For explosive atmospheres

Published 2017-11-23

With the LPM-II-CX, Stauff presents the latest generation of particle counters for stationary use, which are Atex2 compliant according to EU Equipment Directive 94/9/EC. They come with CAN.

The housing hermetically shields the internal electronics of the particle measuring device from explosive atmospheres (Photo: Stauff)

Due to the housing and connection design, they are suitable for permanent installation in explosive atmospheres (zone 2/category 3G). The device meets all safety relevant requirements, for example for use in the oil and gas industry or in chemical and process engineering, said the company.

The special feature: The variant is equipped with a large-area front display which allows users to read out measured values in real time. This enables the machine operator or the responsible maintenance personnel to directly react to increasing contamination of the fluid, to reduce system downtimes, and to protect the system against expensive malfunctions.

In addition to the housing design, the product features an integrated data memory for up to 4 000 measurements and the option of connecting it to existing machine systems using the CAN interface included regularly in the devices.

The particle monitors – whether with or without Atex2 approval – allow continuous determination and classification of the degree of contamination in synthetic and mineral oil based fluids, diesel, and petroleum in 8 size channels between 4 μm and 70 μm as per ISO 4406:1999 and other international standards. Devices which are compatible with special water glycols, phosphate testers, and other aggressive media are optionally available, as well as integrated water-in-oil and temperature sensors.